Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why It Still Matters

I had been planning on writing a brief post to direct readers to my consolidated film blog. I will still be making “December 6” available online every year:

And I will keep the Facebook page up, but as I move forward with the extended cut of “When It Rains,” the next film in my sisters trilogy, I thought it was time to retire this blog.

Then Kasandra Perkins was murdered.

I needed to take a breath and figure out how to respond. Aside from the high profile of her killer, this wasn’t much different from the murders that happen to women in the United States EVERY DAY by their male partners or ex-partners. But the high profile of her killer suddenly has everybody talking about it and realizing that it is an epidemic of violence that is happening against women worldwide. The form of violence might vary from country to country, culture to culture, but every woman in the world is potentially at risk.

This is why I made this film and why I continue to post it year after year. This is why it still matters.

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